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When I started taking pictures 5 years or so ago, it was because my wife was pregnant with Kami. I am where I am today because of a few friends who have pushed me along in this game, but mainly because of my kids.  They’re the perfect subjects for me to test my skills on.  Lighting scenarios, angles, new cameras and lenses, name it.  Perfect subjects! So they fully deserve their childhood be preserved in ways that most of ours wasn’t! They should have great pictures to show later in life without a second thought of being embarrassed!

As of Late, I’ve been so busy shooting and editing weddings that I’ve neglected taking pictures of the kiddos.  Of course I take pictures of them almost daily and post them on my Instagram feed (*cough* @bensassani *cough*), but I don’t grab the camera like I did before to take pictures of them… so now when I do decide to do pictures, I want to do something special.

Every Halloween, I’ve done the obligatory pumpkin patch pics of the kiddos and posted them on my personal Facebook page to adoring fans of the kids saying how cute they are  (which I obviously agree with).  This year, I figured I’d try something different.  Kami ‘requested’ he be Captain America this year, so his wish was granted.  He’s been wearing this costume everyday after school since we got it for him a week or so ago and if the pattern holds true, he’ll be wearing it a few weeks (possibly months) after Halloween is over until he either outgrows it or its torn up and time to throw it away.  He kinda likes Superheros and he did the exact same thing last year with his Spiderman outfit.  Matter of fact, he would wear his Spiderman head piece to school every morning and request me call him Spiderman instead of Kami.  So when he’s wearing his Captain America outfit around the house this year, we’re forced to call him just that. Captain America.

Laila on the other hand had no choice (yet!).  From the ladybug outfit last year to the beautiful little bumble bee you see below this year, it doesn’t matter what she wears, she’s pretty darn cute! I’m guessing soon enough though, we’ll have to deal with her requests and she’ll be picking her own outfits.  Until then, we’ll enjoy the outfits we put her in and I’ll keep snapping away at her and her cuteness.

So here are their Halloween pictures for this year.  I think they came out different and I like them… a lot.  Hope you like them too!

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