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When you do photography one of the perks of the gig is you get to meet a lot of new people.  I’ve met most of my brides through word of mouth and other weddings I’ve done, and for that I’m grateful.

Sonia was no different.

She was a guest at a recent weddings and we chatted a bit during the course of the day since we were both one of a very few Persians at a large Indian wedding.  A few weeks after the wedding I received an email from her asking if I did portraits.  She was building a new website and wanted some new shots to include with her portfolio.  I’m going to be honest and say I had no clue who she was at first, but if you watch the local news here in the Houston area, she’s a very familiar face.  She’s part of the news team over at ABC 13.

Sonia has been a reporter in San Diego, Chicago, Waco, and even College Station and has covered politics, crime, and international stories.  She is also a yoga instructor here in the Houston area and very active in her community.  Her amazing talent will no doubt take her to great heights in the future and I’m grateful I had the chance to be a part of it at a local level.

Sonia Azad - ABC 13 Houston -101
Sonia Azad - ABC 13 Houston -102
Sonia Azad - ABC 13 Houston -103
Sonia Azad - ABC 13 Houston -104
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