Sibi & Jason

Mr. & Mrs. Session
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Last time I took pictures of Sibi, it was for our in house makeup artist, Kristina. After the session, Sibi contacted me and asked if I’d do a session for her and (then) fiancé Jason after they got married.  My answer might as well have been “duh, of course!”, but I was professional and wrote a nice email saying how I would love to do it.

This time around, her makeup was done by Lauren Noblin who I’ve worked with in the past (love her and her work btw!). So on a hot afternoon, we met at our studio and did part of the session there with their Indian outfits, then headed to Galveston to do the rest of the session.

Hope everyone likes the pictures, and be sure to leave a comment at the bottom to let Sibi & Jason know what you think of their session.


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