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Over the last couple of years as my business has grown, I’ve wanted to add a new line of albums to the mix but I couldn’t choose which album company I wanted to use. There’s honestly so many great companies out there, it gets really difficult when it comes down to choosing one.

I finally settled on one… Leather Craftsmen (no, not the Sears tool set brand!).

I’ve always admired their albums, but I never really looked into them until very recently when I ordered the sample you see below. Unlike the old leather albums I was offering, these albums have all kinds of options to customize them to your liking. From different materials for the cover and slip covers such as leather, premium fabrics, Japanese cloths, etc. to imprinting your names and wedding date on the front and the spine, to having material such as cork as the end pages (pictured below). These albums absolutely rock!

So this brings me to my current, past, and potential clients. I have a proposal for all of you…

I’m currently working on the pricing of these albums, and seeing how much more intricate these are when it comes to every aspect of making them, I haven’t settled on pricing for all the different add-ons and options, but there is no doubt the pricing for these will be higher at even the base level. So my proposal is this:

If you’re one of my 2012 couples and you’ve ordered a leather album with your package, you just got a free upgrade. Same size as you ordered, but in the new ones.

If you’re a past couple and been wanting a leather album but haven’t gotten one yet, here’s your chance. Until the end of April 2012, I’ll be offering these albums in their basic form, minus the add-ons (slip cover, cork end pages, etc) at the same price as the older leather albums. Of coures, if you’d like to add on any of the additional features, the base price will stay the same and you’d just have to pay for the upgrades.

If you’re a potential client and wanting a leather album, for everyone that books me from now until December 31st, 2012, the pricing of the leather album package will be that of the old ones. The add-ons, again, will be charged separately.

As always, if you have any questions, I can always be reached through email at

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