Naimisha & Vivek

Lakeway Resort & Spa, Indian Wedding
Open Post

There’s just something about Indian weddings that you can’t explain until you have the full experience on a personal level.  The culture, the colors, the energy, everything about it.  It’s amazing.  I’ve had the pleasure of doing a few Indian weddings over the last few years and not a single one has been like the others… but they’ve all been amazingly fun (and long).  And as you can tell, this one was no different. The wedding was held at the beautiful Lakeway Resort and Spa, and I had the pleasure of having one of my very good and long time friends, Dave McLaughlin, accompany me on this wedding.  From start to end it was a blast… but I’m sure you can tell by looking through the pics.  So check out the beautiful couple and their wedding and be sure to leave a comment at the bottom letting them know what you think!


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