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Back in 2009, my good friend Kevin pitched an idea to me while we were in Mexico for his wedding about a project he wanted me to tackle with him.  The idea was simple.  Take pictures of local restaurant chefs in their private kitchen at home.  At the time, I thought it was a great idea but had no idea how to implement it since getting into the house of any chef would require them to, well, let you in first. Sadly, Kevin passed away less than 9 months later and we never got a chance to start the project together.

In early 2010, I decided that the project needed wings and I needed to follow through on the idea.  After talking to a few friends in Austin, the idea grew from just a simple kitchen shot to an idea about what chefs actually cook in their own kitchens at home when they’re not cooking for us normal people! So I came up with a name, asked my friend Clint Davis to help design a logo for me with his mad graphic design skills and  Shoot My Chef was born. And of course, a website wouldn’t be complete without a Facebook fan page! **hint: go be a fan**

After the logo and website, I needed a chef.  Luckily a past client of mine wanted to start her own blog and we agreed she’d be the kickstart for the blog and the official first post.  Shoot was great, post was great, and everyone loved the idea.  I was excited and pretty confident that chefs would love the idea and would jump on board, so I emailed a few of the better known chefs around town and got a couple of responses, but no one was open to do a shoot in the timeframe that I wanted.  A few months went by, then a year went by, then procrastination set in.

After an 18 month hiatus, I started this year with the initiative that I would resurrect the project and get more chefs on there.  I talked to a few people, but my studio mate and good friend Amber told me about a good friend of hers, Tyler Riddle.  He owned a food truck at the time and come to find out, he was also a fan of my work!  Only problem, Tyler is in the process of moving and he’s busy planning his upcoming wedding at the end of the year.  So after a few emails back and forth, we settled on a date when we were both free and we could get together and do the shoot.

A few weeks ago, the shoot happened… and it was awesome. And here it is!

And because every blog post needs a picture, here’s a picture of what Tyler cooked for us that day.

So why am I talking about this shoot on my wedding blog? Well, its simple.  I want attention brought to the project and also to get more chefs to notice it.  I want the word spread through facebook, twitter, email, text, smoke signals, whatever.  I want this project to thrive and eventually become something I can be proud of, but mainly to keep the idea that Kevin came up with alive in his honor. So I’m asking all my fans, past and present clients, friends, and anyone that reads this to help me with this project in any way.  It’ll be greatly appreciated and would mean the world to me.

The biggest thing about this project… its free.  I won’t charge a penny for this shoot.  Zero, zilch, nada! If you’d like details about it,  you can email me at and I’ll gladly answer any questions. But for now, head on over to Shoot My Chef and check out Tyler’s shoot… and be sure to leave some love on his post.

Thanks again for all the support,


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