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Lauren & Kevin-105

Location: Austin, TX
Makeup: Laura Heyns
Venue: Vintage Villas
Cake: Simon Lee Bakery
Flowers: Flowers By Nancy
Donuts: Round Rock Donuts

Lauren blames me for getting Kevin intrigued about cameras and photography. Yes, its an expensive hobby, but its so rewarding… once you get past the sticker shock of certain things. I guess it doesn’t help my caust that after I met with Lauren & Kevin last year, Kevin has helped with quite a few engagement shoots, and even been to a couple of weddings with me to help with equipment and even take pictures. Thanks Kevin!

This was my first Austin wedding of the year, and my first time shooting at Vintage Villas. I specially appreciate my good friend Dave McLaughlin of DCM Photography for helping me shoot this wedding. He’s a true professional and a great mentor to me over the last few years as I’ve moved forward in this Photography game.

Enjoy the pics!

Lauren & Kevin-105
Lauren & Kevin-102
Lauren & Kevin-101
Lauren & Kevin-106
Lauren & Kevin-104
Lauren & Kevin-107
Lauren & Kevin-110
Lauren & Kevin-121
Lauren & Kevin-122
Lauren & Kevin-124
Lauren & Kevin-126
Lauren & Kevin-129
Lauren & Kevin-112
Lauren & Kevin-115
Lauren & Kevin-116
Lauren & Kevin-118
Lauren & Kevin-114
Lauren & Kevin-133
Lauren & Kevin-113
Lauren & Kevin-136
Lauren & Kevin-134
Lauren & Kevin-139
Lauren & Kevin-140
Lauren & Kevin-141
Lauren & Kevin-142
Lauren & Kevin-143
Lauren & Kevin-146
Lauren & Kevin-149
Lauren & Kevin-148
Lauren & Kevin-150
Lauren & Kevin-151
Lauren & Kevin-154
Lauren & Kevin-157
Lauren & Kevin-159
Lauren & Kevin-160
Lauren & Kevin-161
Lauren & Kevin-163
Lauren & Kevin-164
Lauren & Kevin-166
Lauren & Kevin-167

The coolest guest sign in, EVER!

Lauren & Kevin-169
Lauren & Kevin-171
Lauren & Kevin-173
Lauren & Kevin-172

Just in case you were wondering, yes, a Round Rock Donut hole does make a great place to take a ring picture.

Lauren & Kevin-174
Lauren & Kevin-175
Lauren & Kevin-176
Lauren & Kevin-177
Lauren & Kevin-180
Lauren & Kevin-182
Lauren & Kevin-184
Lauren & Kevin-186
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