Kristina Frank

Makeup Artist Extraordinaire
Open Post

About a month ago, while we were moving in to our studio, Kristina and I were talking about what pictures we were going to hang where.  Since I hadn’t worked with her yet (Amber does a quite a few sessions with her!), I offered up a portfolio shoot with her.  So I went on my Facebook Fan Page and asked for volunteers to model for us.  The lovely Sibi was one of the first people that emailed me… so we scheduled a date, went to the studio, busted out the lights, and went through a few different looks and some very subtle changes on the makeup.

If you’re one of my brides, potential brides, or just someone just passing through looking  around my blog and you need an amazing makeup artist, don’t look any further than Kristina Frank and her talent.  Her work is amazing.

But don’t let me brag about it, judge for yourself!

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