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Last year when we got word that my wife’s cousin was engaged to be married in Los Angeles, my wife and I decided we needed to make it vacation for our family once the wedding was done. So thats what we exactly did.

While in LA, we went to Huntington beach, visited my family so Kami could finally meet his 2nd cousin and they get to know each other, and had a great time with family in general.  Afterward, we were off to San Francisco. Neither my wife or I had ever been, so we decided it was time to be tourists and stay in the heart of it all, downtown San Fan in the Union Square area.  So with my trusty Fuji X100 ‘touristy’ camera around my neck, we stayed out there for three and half days and did almost everything touristy a tourist could do.

First things first when we got there was to eat lunch… so we went to Pier 39 and had some great seafood.  After walking around the pier for a bit and taking the sights in, it was off to the Golden Gate Bridge.  I decided to drive around the hills above the bridge for a bit for a photo opp so I could do a panoramic shot I could hang in our new house as a souvenir… which I did. Then it was off to Lombard St., Ghirardelli Square,, and the Cable Car Museum. All amazing in their own right. We also took a day and visited Alcatraz Island. It was truly an amazing experience and seeing the prison first hand was pretty awesome.

But all the touristy stuff aside, the best part of the trip for us was the local food.  We sought out the good stuff, hole in the walls, and anything in between… and still didn’t scratch the surface of it.  Truly an amazing place for someone who loves great food (like us!).  Here’s a small list of the places we went to.

Brenda’s French Soul Food – Their brunch is absolutely amazing.  If you’re anywhere near it and have a chance to go… go, and try the crawfish beignet.  You won’t be disappointed.

Tadich Grill – The oldest restaurant in San Fran. Their Seafood Cioppino was easily the best dish I had my whole time on vacation.

Buena Vista Cafe – I was told to go here and try their Irish Coffee. Not being a coffee drinker, I decided to at least try it.  It was so good, I ordered a 2nd one. Their food is pretty kickass too!

As I write this, I honestly am thinking of ways to get back there and go do more things.  San Francisco is simply an amazing city and needs to be experienced first hand.  If you’ve never been, go.  If you’ve been, you know exactly what I’m talking about. As much as I’d love to write more about the city, I’ll let the pictures below do the talking.

We truly had a great time and can’t wait to go back.

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