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About two weeks ago, I got an email from a friend telling me he’d put my name in the hat for an upcoming wedding for the show Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  His wife works for show and he was told there was about to be a build in the Killeen/Fort Hood area.  As thankful as I was of him doing that for me, I would’ve never guessed in a million years they would call me to help them out.

Well, guess what? They called.

After learning about the story of the family and the hardship they’ve gone through, I’m absolutely grateful and humbled to be a part of this project.  So tomorrow, my good friend Dave McLaughlin of DCM Photography and I are traveling to Killeen to take pictures of this wedding, and to my surprise, we’ll be a part of the crowd when they tell the bus driver to “MOVE! THAT! BUS!”.

You can read the amazing story of Patrick & Jessica and be humbled like I was.  And while you’re at it, please go read Jessica’s personal blog HERE. She’s kept an ongoing journal of Patrick’s recovery and is truly inspiring just reading some of her posts, if not all.

I can’t tell you guys and gals how excited I am to be a part of this project and I can’t wait to share the story of Jessica & Patrick with you guys when the show airs.  This is truly an amazing opportunity for me to give back, and I fully plan on doing that!


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