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Back in June, we took a much needed vacation with the kids to Florida and Disney World.  This trip had been in the works for a few years with one of our favorite families who my wife and I happen to be the godparents of their two kids.

We spent a week in and around the Orlando, and despite the daily rain and Laila’s disappointment of not seeing a unicorn on our safari ride, we made the best of it.  Below is a small sample of the 700+ pictures I took, and just recently I made a full album for us to remember this amazing trip! And the best part? I didn’t take anything but my trusty Fuji X100 to document the whole week.

Disney Vacation-101
Disney Vacation-102-0
Disney Vacation-102-1
Disney Vacation-102
Disney Vacation-103-0
Disney Vacation-103
Disney Vacation-104
Disney Vacation-106
Disney Vacation-109
Disney Vacation-110
Disney Vacation-111
Disney Vacation-112
Disney Vacation-113
Disney Vacation-114
Disney Vacation-115
Disney Vacation-116
Disney Vacation-117
Disney Vacation-118
Disney Vacation-119
Disney Vacation-120
Disney Vacation-121
Disney Vacation-122
Disney Vacation-123
Disney Vacation-124
Disney Vacation-125
Disney Vacation-126
Disney Vacation-127
Disney Vacation-128
Disney Vacation-129
Disney Vacation-130
Disney Vacation-131
Disney Vacation-132
Disney Vacation-133
Disney Vacation-134
Disney Vacation-135
Disney Vacation-136
Disney Vacation-137
Disney Vacation-138
Disney Vacation-139
Disney Vacation-140
Disney Vacation-141
Disney Vacation-142
Disney Vacation-143
Disney Vacation-144
Disney Vacation-145
Disney Vacation-146
Disney Vacation-147
Disney Vacation-148
Disney Vacation-149
Disney Vacation-150
Disney Vacation-151
Disney Vacation-152
Disney Vacation-153
Disney Vacation-154
Disney Vacation-155
Disney Vacation-156
Disney Vacation-157
Disney Vacation-158
Disney Vacation-159
Disney Vacation-160
Disney Vacation-161
Disney Vacation-162
Disney Vacation-163
Disney Vacation-164
Disney Vacation-165
Disney Vacation-166
Disney Vacation-167
Disney Vacation-168
Disney Vacation-169
Disney Vacation-170
Disney Vacation-171
Disney Vacation-172
Disney Vacation-173
Disney Vacation-174
Disney Vacation-175
Disney Vacation-176
Disney Vacation-177
Disney Vacation-178
Disney Vacation-179
Disney Vacation-180
Disney Vacation-181
Disney Vacation-182
Disney Vacation-183
Disney Vacation-184
Disney Vacation-187
Disney Vacation-188
Disney Vacation-189
Disney Vacation-190
Disney Vacation-191


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