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Casey & Tim-104

Such a fun Couple, such a fun Wedding.

Casey & Tim used my wife and I for our services. Before we did anything for them, they sent us a pre-thank you card thanking us for services we hadn’t even started performing for them. How awesome is that? Talk about the biggest ego boost ever!

Their engagement session was a fun event, capped off w/ dinner at Niko Niko’s. Between the jokes that were cracked, the laughs that were had, I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun on an engagement session.

Then there’s the venue of the reception. Casey & Tim love LOVE Berryhill Baja Grill in the Heights, so they decided to have their wedding reception there. I had to see this place for myself, so last November, I decided I was going by there to check it out. Once I went there, I couldn’t wait to do the wedding because the place is so colorful. So on Saturday, June 5th, they shut down the whole place and threw their wedding reception there. Here’s the result.

Casey & Tim-104
Casey & Tim-107
Casey & Tim-105

That morning, Tim had gone on a 5k run w/ some friends. He’s the guy w/ the white visor, cowboy vest, and dark shorts on. Great sense of humor!

Casey & Tim-102
Casey & Tim-109
Casey & Tim-113
Casey & Tim-114
Casey & Tim-116
Casey & Tim-103
Casey & Tim-119

There’s one thing I’m a sucker for, and thats shoes. Casey couldn’t wait to show me her shoes… and I found out why when I saw them! WOW… I friggin’ love the color!
Matter of fact, I love the color on these so much, my new upcoming logo is going to be the colors featured in this picture, w/ my logo being a shade of this green.
Thanks Casey for the inspiration. 😉

Casey & Tim-118
Casey & Tim-121

Casey also made her own bouquet. How awesome does this thing look?

Casey & Tim-124

Look at all the bright colors. LOOK A THEM!!!

Casey & Tim-129
Casey & Tim-130
Casey & Tim-132
Casey & Tim-133
Casey & Tim-134
Casey & Tim-135
Casey & Tim-123
Casey & Tim-136
Casey & Tim-142
Casey & Tim-143
Casey & Tim-141
Casey & Tim-144
Casey & Tim-145
Casey & Tim-146
Casey & Tim-148
Casey & Tim-150
Casey & Tim-149
Casey & Tim-125
Casey & Tim-151
Casey & Tim-152
Casey & Tim-153
Casey & Tim-154
Casey & Tim-155
Casey & Tim-159

Let the party start!

Casey & Tim-156
Casey & Tim-160
Casey & Tim-158
Casey & Tim-161
Casey & Tim-163
Casey & Tim-165
Casey & Tim-166
Casey & Tim-167
Casey & Tim-168

and in a newly established tradition, for the exit, everyone threw tortilla chips they had instead of rice. What a party!

Casey & Tim-169

Thank you Casey & Tim for making me a part of your wonderful day. I had a blast and can’t wait to hear about and see the pics from your honeymoon!

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