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A couple of weeks before their wedding, I was sitting at dinner with Bonny & Liem and talking about the details of big day.  Since they booked me so close to their wedding, we didn’t get a chance to do an engagement session.  Bonny asked me instead if we could do a session after the wedding with 2 of her best friends. I said sure, without even knowing what the shoot would be about!

Well, once the wedding was done, I got an email from Bonny explaining what she wanted. Being a huge Friends fan (I rarely watched it, if ever!), she wanted an idea used for one of the episodes as inspiration for her shoot.

She had the whole thing planned.  The girls were supposed to watch a movie (Twilight, to be exact… and they’re on Team Edward, in case you were wondering!) in 3D for the shoot, but we couldn’t get the projector to work. So instead, well… just look below!

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