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A couple of years back I made a spur of the moment decision to cross one thing off my bucket list.  To capture the night sky and see the milky way with my own eyes, big deal to me at the time since I had never done either. After some googling how to do astro shots and conversation with friends who had been to the park, I planned my route and headed out there for a few days of exploring and some picture taking with a friend.

I enjoyed the trip so much I decided I wanted to cross off more places I wanted to see. My plan to take at least a trip every year didn’t exactly pan out for 2014, so on a Sunday morning in early 2015 I woke up and without a second thought booked a trip to Page, AZ to visit Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon to cross more places off my list.  This time around I had done a little more research and had another photographer friend along for the trip.  We did a good amount of picture taking and did a hike another day.  The pictures from that trip can be seen here, and the behind the scenes can be seen here on my Instagram account.

A few weeks after my trip to Arizona I got a phone call from my brother wanting to go hiking somewhere with my dad and youngest brother.  We’ve been talking for awhile about all 4 of us hiking somewhere but never really planned for it… until now.  He suggested a few national parks which were all out of state and required quite a bit of travel and expense to get there before any hiking occurred.

I suggested Big Bend.

It was an opportunity for me to go back to the park and enjoy a whole different experience this time vs. my last visit when I was completely unfamiliar, and also to bring a camera along with a couple of lenses to do some picture taking with a little more experience under my belt. So in early October we packed in a car and headed out to west Texas for a few days for hiking with a little bit of picture taking along the way. Over our 3 days of stay we hiked 7 trails, 22 total miles, and drove to almost every corner of the park.  We watched beautiful sunsets, the milky way appear out of the dark,  the moon wash the milky way in a blanket of moonlight out of the sky, and even got up early to see the sunrise under the morning rain clouds on our last day.  This was another amazing trip to Big Bend and I’m sure I’ll be back, but at the moment I’m in the process of planning my trips for 2016 to cross off a couple of other places off my list to photograph.

I also had some interest after my Arizona trip from friends and fans wanting to purchase prints from my trips.  So I uploaded my favorites from my trips so far to a gallery for anyone who would like to own a print.  The gallery link –> here.

Big Bend National Park -101
Big Bend National Park -102
Big Bend National Park -103
Big Bend National Park -104
Big Bend National Park -105
Big Bend National Park -106
Big Bend National Park -107
Big Bend National Park -108
Big Bend National Park -109
Big Bend National Park -110

And while we were out there, I decided to take a short detour back to Houston and stop by Prada Marfa to capture another picture I’ve been wanting to take for a long time.

Big Bend National Park -111
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