Meet Ben

wedding & destination photographer

Remember those albums full of blurry and out of focus pictures we all had as kids? I didn’t want that for my kids. When I found out I was becoming a dad I picked up a camera and started learning photography. I wanted my kids to grow up having great pictures of their childhood to show off all their lives.  As I got into photography and got introduced to weddings I wanted the same for my clients. I wanted pictures not only I was proud of producing, but my clients would be proud to show off for years to come.

Almost a decade later I’ve traveled all around the country, met some amazing couples, and documented weddings as small as 5 guests and ones as large as 800 guests with multi-day events and I’ve for those couples what I set out to do for my kids. So if you’d like to have your event captured in a way you can show off for years, lets chat.

My kids are my world and I love to explore the food culture of any city with my wife. I also have a personal project called Shoot My Chef with an amazing backstory. You should check it out. I also like taking trips by myself to hike, take pictures, and explore the great outdoors. My absolute favorite places in the world is Big Bend National Park in west Texas.